Happy crashing

I think it was better when people stuck to cow tipping. I know, that’s inhumane, but I’m not a cow.

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Frenchmen arrested for bringing ‘happy crashing’ to Spanish roadsIn a variant of “happy slapping” – when people beat someone up and capture what they are doing on phone cameras – albeit one with a kamikaze aspect to it, four French pranksters in Benidorm have been risking their lives to provoke traffic accidents while one of their number films the mayhem.

(Via Gibson Blog.)


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  1. Judi on

    This is like the very sick “Bumfights” videos, in which people videotape themselves beating up on or otherwise abusing homeless people. See 8/6/06 NY Times article here:


    Something tells me that the cows would not approve of any of this.

  2. Anonymous on

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