What Will Google Do Now?


What Will Google Do Now?

Given that MySpace in many ways resembles the next evolution of email, it too lacks a lot of context. Users reveal a lot about themselves, provide copious amounts of information in their profiles, comments, and in the linking of their relationships, but none of that translates readily into context. If it did, then there would be no Google deal, because MySpace would have already monetized its content so well that it didn’t need to be rescued or validated by Google. So, while the deal presents a challenge to many companies that currently rely on MySpace inventory, it does not invalidate the need and opportunity for behavioral marketing. The question now is perhaps not if, but when, Google will start to leverage its immense user profile data and become a behavioral marketing company, not just a contextual marketing one. The sheer volume of MySpace traffic might force their hand into creating added relevance or alternatively accelerate alternate media formats. And if that happens, it could drastically change the way direct marketers use the engine – hopefully for the best, although history has yet to fall on our side.

(Via JayWeintraub.com – Internet Advertising Analysis and Commentary.)


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